Drumgrange has won an award for ‘Zero Defects’

July 2022

Drumgrange has recently won an award from a customer in the category ‘Zero Defects: Committing to the Zero Defects Initiative with major Quality Improvements over the last 12 months’.


This was specifically due to the implementation of Jira for work flow management for all aspects of the business.

Tony Homes, Head of Operations, commented:

“Change is driven by ideas, in Drumgrange we believe that all ideas are valuable and all employees have a voice. The use of JIRA to improve business processes came from an employee’s idea.  Its success proves the value of listening and engaging with our staff to make our business better.

This award is a testament to the hard work and ingenuity of all those involved and is richly deserved.”

Paul Shepherd, QA Manager, commented:

“A worthy recognition of all the hard work in the implementation of Jira across both sites. Well done all”

Colin Mead, Business Development Manager – Maritime Systems, commented:

“It is fantastic news and a great accolade for the company. Over the last couple of years, our customer has been driving through a supply chain initiative to reduce the number of defective items received from their entire supplier base. Drumgrange achieving zero rejects over the last two years is a notable achievement in supporting this initiative.

Zero defects is a testament to the hard work of the teams working across all the programmes that Drumgrange delivers to our customer and is a recognition for all those who contributed to delivering those projects.”

Drumgrange will continue to work hard to achieve our high standards, delivering projects on-time and to specification.


About the Company:

Drumgrange is a thriving independent UK defence contractor with a proven track record for the rapid realisation of demanding defence industry design tasks combined with high quality manufacturing. As a systems engineering house, Drumgrange is an expert in the integration of existing technology to create successful, cost effective solutions and is backed by the full range of in-house support services. In addition, Drumgrange supplies an expanding range of UK quality specialised off the shelf products to worldwide commercial and defence markets. Drumgrange products are in service with the UK Armed Forces at home and overseas, NATO forces and Foreign Militaries.

If you require any additional information, please do not hesitate to contact us at info@drumgrange.com or 01932 581100.