Army Challenge Leadership Event

June 2022

The Drumgrange Team of Engineers recently had an exciting day attending and contributing to the Army Leadership Day held at Longmoor Training Camp, Farnham. This provided each individual with the opportunity to network and work alongside other employees from both the Private and Public sectors, solving problems as a team and contributing to the solutions with their particular expertise.

Jestina Anderson, HR Manager, commented:

It has helped build confidence in our team members to try anything and given the team exposure to how the professionals go about providing solutions in a positive, inspiring and innovative way. A great way of developing leadership skills in our leaders of the future.”

The Drumgrange Team

During the Event

The event began by ensuring no-one from the same company was in the same team. As you can see in the photo above, every person is wearing a different colour t-shirt to represent a different team. 

The organisers gave advice on teamwork and leadership skills to help individuals learn during both the team building and individually based challenges.

The different tasks also gave the Drumgrange team the chance to learn more about the Army and the reserves, helping to understand the wide variety of roles it undertakes.

Justin Waller, Project Manager, commented:

“It was a really good leadership experience. I would recommend it for everyone, particularly the younger people of every type. In short, Fantastic!”


About the Company:

Drumgrange is a thriving independent UK defence contractor with a proven track record for the rapid realisation of demanding defence industry design tasks combined with high quality manufacturing. As a systems engineering house, Drumgrange is an expert in the integration of existing technology to create successful, cost effective solutions and is backed by the full range of in-house support services. In addition, Drumgrange supplies an expanding range of UK quality specialised off the shelf products to worldwide commercial and defence markets. Drumgrange products are in service with the UK Armed Forces at home and overseas, NATO forces and Foreign Militaries.

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