Generic ComSim

Drumgrange has developed a range of Communication Simulation (ComSim) products which provides a radio frequency training solution to allow repeatable scenarios in tactical radio communication training within a safe and realistic environment.

The Drumgrange ComSim family of products include:


ComSim is computer-controlled, Radio Propagation Simulator allowing safe and realistic classroom training for the deployment of HF, VHF and UHF Radio assets across an operational area. ComSim is currently deployed in excess of 20 classrooms in 8 locations and utilities over 150 Bowman-equipped Land Rover Based Training Aids.

ComSim simulates the placement of trainees, each equipped with different suites of Bowman radios installed in mock-up vehicles, at selected map locations, under the guidance of an instructor.  The system computes the propagation path loss between each installed radio in accordance with output power, distance, topography and other vehicle variables and sets the attenuation level between the radios accordingly.  When shielded by terrain features, trainees can "move" their vehicles or select between HF, VHF and UHF radios in order to achieve communications and enable them to accomplish their assigned mission.

Drumgrange is currently integrating ComSim with industry standard Battlefield Simulations to provide a fully integrated LVC solution.



Generic ComSim

Generic ComSim is an RF Simulator allowing safe, controlled and repeatable scenarios for radio communication within an office or classroom environment.

Generic ComSim creates and manages a safe electromagnetic RF environment among the radios connected to it. The system allows an operator, using a PC, to control the RF environment by either automatically or manually setting the attenuation level between individual radios. The simulator operates by having radios connected, via suitable attenuators, to an Attenuation Matrix. The control PC positions each radio location on a map or grid to simulate the separation between radios, the software then calculates the expected path loss between the radios and applies this level of attenuation between them based on an attenuation model. The radio operators can then be given various tasks to exercise the performance of the radios and the network in which they find themselves. These scenarios are repeatable and can be replayed as needed. The system can be used for radio evaluation and test or operator training. 



Extended Range Matrix

A matrix that provides a frequency extension to the Generic ComSim Capability in the range 20MHz to 2.5GHz.



A rugged PC software-based Array Signal simulator that supplies fully customisable acoustic signals, in analogue or digital format, directly to the sonar processing unit under test.  This enables controlled testing, independent of the transducer array, to allow repeatable factory or harbour acceptance testing to be conducted prior to sea trials.  MaxSim has an intuitive user interface which allows the operator to configure the array architecture in 3-D and can simulate up to 5 independent signals from different bearings to represent 5 targets.  Other features include the application of noise, transducer directionality and comprehensive simulation monitoring facilities.

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