Diamond Intercom and Radio Combiner System

Drumgrange has created a digital intercom and radio combiner system that provides crystal clear communication and is an ideal solution for coast guard, small boat patrols vehicles, and special forces. Developed specifically for use on small, high speed craft and vehicles both in the maritime and land domains, the system provides crew members with independent access to secure and non-secure radio and communication networks, uninterrupted intercom facilities (VOX) and withstands the harshest of conditions.

Drumgrange designed the Diamond System after fourteen years of installing, integrating, repairing, maintaining and training users on Intercom Systems. A few examples of the Diamond System range is shown below:

Diamond Intercom and Radio Combiner System

The Diamond Intercom and Radio Combiner System is a state-of-the-art, digital technology combiner with a user-friendly and intuitive design. Driven by the toughest user environments, the system was designed to provide crystal-clear, reliable communications.

Diamond has been developed specially for the use on small, high speed craft; and is an ideal solution for patrol vehicles. It helps provide crew members with independent access to secure and non-secure communication networks, uninterrupted facilities (VOX) and full control of voice
activated comms. It is ergonomic for single hand operation under high speed transit, the ideal system of choice for crews.

In addition to the delivery of voice connectivity between users and on board radios Diamond also integrates existing boat alarms to assure both boat and crew safety.

Diamond's intuitive modular design allows nodes to be changed without reprogramming if the operation requires; permitting simple, fast, easy installation and repair without the need for additional equipment.

Some benefits to fast-vehicle platforms (coast guard, small vehicle patrols and Special Forces) are:

  • Lightweight, modular robust design
  • Intuitive Operation
  • Switch Selection with LED Indication
  • User Controllable VOX Function
  • Easy Maintenance
  • Rapid Fault finding
  • Headset agnostic
  • Suitable for use with Night Vision Googles
  • Designed to Def Stan 0035 - Environmental / Def Stan 59-411 EMC requirements 

Diamond Wireless Intercom System

With a 100 metre line-of-sight range, the Diamond Intercom System is ideal for communications for crews both on board and between craft vehicles. It has a robust, functional and cost-effective solution that provides crystal clear communication in the most austere of environments. Users communicate via a Push-To-Talk (PTT) button connected to the Body Pack via the Ancillary Connector. The PTT is designed to be worn on the chest/shoulder, allowing ease of access during high winds and at speed.


                             Diamond Wireless Bodypack                                                                   Diamond Wireless Hub

The Diamond Wireless Intercom System is a fully-duplex wireless intercom system that provides communications between 8 users wirelessly via lightweight, portable, body-worn devices. This is shown in the diagram below:


Wireless Intercom System Overview     

When additional hubs are added, the number of users increases by a factor of four (this is shown in the diagram below). In addition, when interfaced with the Drumgrange Diamond Intercom and Radio Combiner System the user benefits from additional features, including the ability to hear radio transmissions and user definable audible alarms.


Wireless Extended Intercom System Overview

In addition, the Diamond Wireless System is the intercom of choice for one of the premier professional yacht racing teams in the UK and provided intercom capability throughout its campaign for the Americas Cup 2017 and is now used by SailGP.

The Diamond System is also sold through our Commercial Partner, Big Blue Maritime who is a supplier of audio communications technology into the Superyacht market. They also provide in-service support for all Diamond products that are under warranty. To find out more about a demonstration please contact Big Blue Maritime by the below details:

Website: www.bigblueyachtcomms.com  


Phone:+44 (0)1258 880803

Below shows the Diamond Intercom and Radio Combiner System being used on a variety of platforms in the Land, Maritime and Security domains:                                             




Please download our datasheets for more information, including technical specifications.

If you have any other questions, please contact us at info@drumgrange.com.