Boat Systems Integration

The Boat Systems Integration team at Drumgrange specialise in the integration of navigation, communications (V/UHF, SatCom & Iridium), tracking and situational awareness systems for military, security and rescue craft, including RIBs, landing craft, combat support boats and underwater vehicles.

Specific design expertise for small craft has been developed by Drumgrange covering complex military and IMO regulations including EMC, Tempest and RadHaz to Def Stan 59-411, environmental and human factors issues, security accreditation and shock and vibration.

The Boat System Integration team supports the integration of situational awareness systems on warships to aid the safe operation of deployed RIBS and work-boats. Such systems can be linked to the ship's radar to provide shared, ship-boat contact information. Also a few others include RIB tracking, boarding party systems, naval patrol and Special Forces.

Drumgrange can provide customised boarding party support systems to support Maritime Interdiction Operations (MIO) and counter-piracy operations including remote communications, rugged IT systems, cameras, biometric ID devices and Acoustic Hailing Devices (AHD).

The Company's Facility at Portland Bill is ideally suited for integrating and testing classified military hardware on maritime craft; we have a dedicated boat handling facility in a large secure workshop, easy access to Portland Harbour and Portland Port for the secure launching/ recovery of the platforms, our own powerboat-qualified coxswains and sea-trials qualified staff to manage and conduct trials. The main laboratory has line-of-sight view to the English
Channel enabling communications trials to be conducted from the facility to the platforms at sea. We also have certified cryptographic custodians to manage the crypto equipment, including hardware and key material, required to conduct such work.

Drumgrange has a successful system integration heritage both in the Maritime and Land domain. Some Maritime projects include:

  • Marlin - Secure Comms & Global Tracking
  • Swordfish - Secure Comms & additional ISR Sensor/Radars

To find out more about some products which can be integrated onto various boat platforms, please visit the Diamond Intercom and Radio Combiner System product page.

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