Type 26 Press Release

Type 26 Press Release

November 2017

Drumgrange Awarded Military GPS and Time Distribution System Contract for the Royal navy Type 26 Frigate.

Drumgrange is pleased to announce that it has been awarded a contract to supply and integrate the complete Military GPS and Time Distribution System (MGTDS) for the new Royal Navy Type 26 Frigates. The Contract has been awarded by Raytheon Anschütz GmbH as part of the Integrated Navigation Bridge System for BAE Systems.

The Contract brings together Drumgrange's NAVFIX military GPS system and Precise Time and Frequency System (PTFS) under one integrated programme of work.

Each Type 26 will be fitted with two NAVFIX units that will provide the primary source of position and precise time information for the platform's navigation, communications and combat systems. NAVFIX has an embedded military GPS Receiver with integral Selective Availability and Anti Spoofing Module (SAASM). Drumgrange will also be providing the Controlled Radiation Pattern Antennas (CRPA) for NAVFIX to provide further resilience to GPS jamming.

The PTFS sub-system incorporates dual-redundant Rubidium oscillators to provide accurate time and frequency signals if GPS is denied. PTFS also provides platform-wide time/frequency signal distribution to user equipment using a fibre optic distribution system. PTFS for Type 26 is an updated but backwardly compatible version of the Drumgrange PTFS system currently fitted to Type 23 and Type 45 platforms.

The MGTDS system will be manufactured and integrated at the Drumgrange facility at Chertsey prior to delivery to Raytheon Anschütz (Kiel, German) for further integration with the Type 26 Bridge System. 


About the Company:

Drumgrange is a thriving independent UK systems engineering house with a proven track record for the rapid realisation of demanding defence industry design tasks combined with high quality manufacturing. Drumgrange is expert in the integration of existing technology to create successful, cost effective solutions and is backed by the full range of in house support services. In addition, Drumgrange supplies an expanding range of UK quality specialised off the shelf products to worldwide commercial and defence markets. Drumgrange products are in service with the UK Armed Forces at home and overseas, NATO forces and Foreign Militaries.

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