COVID-19 & Brexit Statement

For the last 6 months, Brexit has all but disappeared from the headlines as the coronavirus (COVID-19) global pandemic has dominated everyone’s attention. As the UK again faces lockdown, the topic of Brexit is back with the focus on trade talks and no-deal planning in the headlines. The timeline for the end of the transition period continues to countdown to 31 December 2020 and will be upon us shortly.

Drumgrange, like many other organisations, has been working hard on Brexit planning within the bounds of a COVID-19 world. COVID-19 has made us adapt to new ways of operating, such as digitalisation of the workplace and home working. Drumgrange, from the beginning of the COVID19 pandemic, implemented a robust response and initiated safeguards to protect our staff, contractors, customers and suppliers in line with UK Government guidelines. These measures have enabled Drumgrange to continue operating from a “business as usual” position with only minimal impact on capacity throughout 2020 and will hopefully continue to do so through 2021.

Whilst there are still uncertainties as to the  impact of Brexit on the business,  we are mitigating risk areas so that we can avoid or manage any disruption as a result. We have examined all elements of our business and supply chain to minimise potential issues during, and following, the transition period.

In our risk assessment, we have identified several key areas of focus for mitigating the impact of Brexit, including:

  • Customer service and supply chain.
  • Potential impact of tariffs.
  • Cash and financing, including interest rates.
  • Travel and mobility.
  • Regulatory frameworks and compliance.

We will continue to monitor the Brexit situation closely and remain prepared with measures to counteract its impact, ensuring a continued reliable supply of our products and services in support of our customers after transition and into 2021.

We will continue to review our position as more information is provided by the UK Government. We encourage any customers or suppliers to contact us if they have any direct concerns. Please do not hesitate to speak with your usual point of contact or please email us at