Drumgrange and Cubic Missions & Performance Solutions: A Customer Story

March 2021

In 2017 Drumgrange received an Invitation to Tender (ITT) from the UK Ministry of Defence (MoD) to create a "rugged networking and computing platform to replace an existing 19" rack solution".

For over two years, Drumgrange collaborated closely with Cubic Mission & Performance Solutions to overcome project challenges whilst delivering a solution that met the technical requirements set by the customer. The final solution created the M3-SE-SKIT networking and compute platform, "that increased operational performance and reduced transportation costs to the UK MoD" during Spring 2019.

In the article, Sean O'Pray, Project Manager, commented:

"The M3-SE-SKIT provides major advantages and clear benefits over the legacy 19" rack-based equipment. Greater flexibility, modularity, and enhanced system performance, the M3-SE-SKIT allows smaller, specialised teams to rapidly deploy with less environmental impact."

Read the full Customer Story article here to download more details about the project.

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