Business as Usual: COVID-19 Update

April 2020

Drumgrange Ltd is continually monitoring all updates and official advice regarding the current COVID-19, Coronavirus, pandemic and the impact it has on businesses within the UK and globally.

We would like to reassure our customers and suppliers that Drumgrange is confident in continuing to run the business as close to normal as possible.

Currently both sites will remain open for business, but where possible members of the team will now be working remotely. Drumgrange has been making significant investment in our IT systems which has been accelerated to facilitate home working during the coronavirus outbreak. All remote working employees will still be contactable through email and telephone.

The current position regarding offsite work is that only essential activities are to be performed, this would include offsite support. Where possible, remote support is to be provided using teleconference or video conference. Prior to any offsite support Drumgrange will be seeking assurances from the site/platform as to the restrictions and precautions that are in place.

The majority of staff who are able to work from home have now been placed in home-working mode as this will help to minimise the risk of spread to the virus to critical workers who have to be on site to perform their function. We have also taken further risk mitigation for those on-site workers by having different teams and sub-teams working in isolated zones (social distancing) to reduce the risk of cross-contamination. This will further ensure Drumgrange can provide continued support to all programmes.

Please be assured that we have taken every precaution necessary to keep our staff and customers safe following Government advice.


About the Company:

Drumgrange is a thriving independent UK systems engineering house with a proven track record for the rapid realisation of demanding defence industry design tasks combined with high quality manufacturing. Drumgrange is expert in the integration of existing technology to create successful, cost effective solutions and is backed by the full range of in-house support services. In addition, Drumgrange supplies an expanding range of UK quality specialised off the shelf products to worldwide commercial and defence markets. Drumgrange products are in service with the UK Armed Forces at home and overseas, NATO forces and Foreign Militaries.

If you require any additional information, please do not hesitate to contact us at or 01932 581100.