Drumgrange has a wide range of experience in the creation and delivery of training solutions for operators, maintainers and our industrial partners.

In conjunction with the end-users, Drumgrange will conduct a Training Needs Analysis to fully specify the optimal training requirements which will be balanced to provide efficient and effective training without over-burdening the target audience. Training options we can provide include:

  • Computer-Based Training (CBT) solutions
  • Classroom-based equipment/system training courses
  • Courses delivered at Drumgrange, at the customer's training establishment or on-site
  • Provision of operator, maintainer and train-the-trainer courses
  • Development of custom training facilities and training sets
  • Networked synthetic environments for large-scale, live simulations

Drumgrange has a long history of providing training solutions which includes:


Communications Simulation (ComSim) Training System is currently being used by the UK Army for training on Bowman radios. The system is a computer-controlled, Radio Propagation Simulator allowing a safe and realistic classroom training environment which attenuates signals dependent on topography, geography, jamming and spoofing. This provides both instructors and students with a high degree of fidelity. ComSim is currently deployed in excess of 20 classrooms in 8 locations and utilities over 150 Bowman-equipped Land Rover Based Training Aids


Command System Skills Trainer

An integrated communications system within a system, which allowed communication among students using the Type 23 Frigate Command System Skills Trainer at the School of Maritime Operations.


Mine Warfare Tactical Support System (MTSS)

This PC-based Mission Planning and Assessment system provides the Royal Navy's Mine Warfare Forces with all the necessary tools for safe, effective and efficient minehunting, minesweeping and clearance diving. Available as a stand-alone or as a network application suite, both Office PC and ruggedised deployable PC hardware can be supplied.