Drumgrange is certified to BS-EN-ISO 9001-2015 and TickITplus Foundation Level. 

Drumgrange's BS-EN-ISO 9001-2015 certificate is valid for the provision of prime contract management services, software, hardware and system engineering, product development, platform installation and integration, equipment trials and analysis, Integrated Logistics Support Services (ILS), safety, security and technical consultancy. The design, development, manufacture and through-life support of: Underwater Systems, Communication and Information Systems, VLF Communications, Boat and Vehicle Systems Integration, Geospatial & Temporal Referencing (G&TR) Systems, Training and Simulation Systems and RF Products.

Drumgrange's TickITplus Foundation level certificate is valid for the provision of software, hardware and systems engineering, product development, installation, integration and support, equipment trials, analysis and integrated logistics support services. 

All work is carried out to the same high professional standards and Drumgrange is MoD approved to receive, handle and store classified materials.

In addition to the Ministry of Defence and associated agencies, many of our customers are themselves major defence contractors and have approved Drumgrange premises for all phases of work. 

Drumgrange is experienced, knowledgeable and compliant to the following Military Quality Standards:

  • AQAP 2105, AQAP 2110 and AQAP 2210
  • Def-Stan 05-57
  • Def-Stan 05-61 Parts 1 and 4

The following comment was made by the auditor during a recent review:

'The organisation is a well-controlled organisation with clearly documented procedures, work instructions and forms coupled with a well-understood attitude to a controlled work environment.'

Please view our certification below for more information.