Procurement Policy

This Policy outlines the key principles related to procurement as a functional and important activity of Drumgrange. It is an outward-facing document to demonstrate to all involved in Drumgrange’s Supply Chain, that it takes procurement activity seriously and deals fairly.

Drumgrange is committed to operating and developing its business in an ethical and socially responsible manner, in order to deliver real long-term value to our customers, owners, suppliers and employees. Our vision is for our supply chain to share in this commitment and drive to continually improve its performance.

This policy supports the consistent application of procurement best practices and standards and promotes transparency and accountability at all levels.


Procurement can be defined as the acquisition, whether under formal contract or otherwise, of goods, services and works from third parties.

The scope of procurement ranges from the purchase of routine supplies and services; to formal tendering and placing of contracts. This policy outlines the principles that should be applied to all procurement.


It is the Drumgrange policy to:

  1. Ensure suppliers supply goods and services in compliance with all relevant UK and international legislation including, modern slavery, bribery and corruption, human rights, labour standards, and GDPR.

  2. Assess suppliers and subcontractors to ensure that they meet the requirements of our safety, quality and environmental management systems. (QP-43 Supplier Approval)

  3. Ensure that goods and services are purchased through trusted companies and will take action against any supplier providing non-legitimate or counterfeit products or services. (QP60 Control of Non-Conforming Material)

  4. Be fair, ethical and transparent in all procurement activities ensuring value for money is achieved and distributed fairly and proportionately, end to end, in the supply chain. (CP-502 - Anti-Bribery Policy).

  5. Identify the local social, environmental and economic impact of our supply chain and engage positively with the local community. (CM-03 Environmental Policy)

  6. Ensure appropriate NDAs, and/or other safeguards and controls are in place to protect customer, company and supplier information and prevent any information security breach or information security attacks internally and through the supply chain. (CP-555 Information Security Policy, CP-557 Supplier Information Security Policy)

  7. Declare any personal interest which may affect or be seen by others to affect impartiality (CP-502 - Anti-Bribery Policy).

  8. To comply with government legal requirements for engaging contractor services under IR35 regulations.

  9. Ensure that all suppliers conform to the Drumgrange Supplier Code of Conduct (CP-345)