Communication and Information Systems

Drumgrange’s Communication and Information Systems Teams provide consultancy, design, development, manufacture and integration services for rugged, deployable and fully accredited to IL5 Information Systems that can include specific software applications for Special Forces, Land and Naval requirements. Customers are both from the MOD Direct and through UK Primes.

Drumgrange has built, and supports a varied portfolio of projects for the MOD.  These vary from the current Airfield Radio (VVLP)  in use with the RAF to major Information Technology Systems accredited to IL5.

These systems are designed to meet exacting requirements and include full TNA and development of Train the Trainer and System Engineer Courses.  Accreditation of the systems is supported by in-house capability and the team is fully conversant with the latest security standards.

Drumgrange has a particular expertise in rugged deployable systems and its equipment has been used and supported across the globe.

Examples are:

  • Deployable Video, Audio Recording and Analysis System
  • Deployable rugged IT networked system with Satellite connectivity
  • Radio and Telephone Monitoring System
  • Mine Warfare Analysis System in deployable configuration
  • Security Accreditation and development of Sy Ops for NBC analysis
  • TACISDN and a variety of Test Tools for the Land Systems Reference Centre
  • Very Very Low Power (VVLP) VHF/UHF radio
  • Communications Control System for British Forces Cyprus
  • UK Fixed Bearers and Protocol Conversion for Ptarmigan
  • Phoenix - Communications Planning Tool
  • Path Profile Tool as an Android App


Diamond Intercom and Radio Combiner

The Diamond Intercom and Radio Combiner System is state of the art digital technology combined with a user friendly and intuitive design.

Diamond has been developed specifically for use on small, high speed craft to provide crew members with independent access to secure and non-secure communication networks, uninterrupted intercom facilities (VOX) and full control of voice activated comms.

In addition to the delivery of voice connectivity between users and on board radios Diamond also integrates existing boat alarms to assure both boat and crew safety.

Diamond’s intuitive design allows nodes to be changed without reprogramming if the operation requires, permitting simple, fast, easy installation and repair without the need for additional repair equipment.

Diamond is ergonomic for single hand operation under high speed transit.

Please download our datasheet for more information including the technical specification.


Diamond Wireless Intercom System 

The Diamond Wireless Intercom System is a full duplex wireless intercom that provides communications between 8 users wirelessly via lightweight, portable, body worn devices. Additional hubs can be added to increase the number of users fourfold.

With a 100 metre line of sight the Diamond Intercom System is ideal for communication both on board and between craft.

Users communicate via a Push-To-Talk button connected to the Body Pack via the Ancillary Connector. The PTT is designed to be worn on the chest/shoulder allowing ease of access during high winds and at speed.

When interfaced with Drumgrange’s Diamond Intercom and Radio Combiner System the user benefits from additional features including the ability to hear radio transmissions and user definable audible alarms.

The Diamond Wireless Intercom System and the Diamond Intercom and Radio Combiner System are suitable for both Maritime and Land based applications.

Download the datasheet to find out more