Generic ComSim goes from Strength to Strength

Since the launch of Generic ComSim, our RF Environment Simulator, earlier this year, the product has gone from strength to strength with sales to Radio Manufacturers and Government Agencies in Europe and the Far East.

Generic ComSim enables generation of safe, controlled and repeatable scenarios for radio communication testing within an office or classroom environment by creating a safe electromagnetic RF environment among the radios connected to it.  The system allows an operator, using a PC, to control the RF environment by either automatically or manually setting the attenuation level between individual radios.

The simulator operates by having radios connected, via suitable attenuators, to an Attenuation Matrix. The control PC positions each radio location on a map or grid to simulate the separation between radios, the software then calculates the expected path loss between the radios and applies this level of attenuation between them based on an attenuation model. The radio operators can then be given various tasks to exercise the performance of the radios and the network in which they find themselves. These scenarios are repeatable and can be replayed as needed. The system can be used for radio evaluation and test or operator training.

Visit Drumgrange at DSEI, 10th – 13th September 2013, in the UK Pavilion South Stand S5-270 for a demonstration.

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Posted: Monday, October 23, 2017